Project Based Learning (PBL)



‘Fortress Gibraltar’ is a unique experience for our learners to redefine learning in real life local projects. Connecting students to the real world with the vision of enhancing creativity and purpose in a range of vocational fields. Students will be given the option to lead their own projects and apply enterprising traits and skills that will enrich their chosen A-levels in Business or Travel & Tourism. 

This enrichment programme is designed to extend and develop students' abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career. By taking responsibility for the choice, design and decision making of an individual project (or an individual role in a group project) students:

For the first time, students will have the flexibility to invest and apply their strengths to the needs of our community. An opportunity to empower oneself, see their confidence, and esteem rise.  A chance to see their potential with the aim of applying it to the business world. 

Government, Project managers, Specialists, Employers, Advisors and the College Business School will offer a unique experience for our students. Learners will be part of the Northern Defences programme where they will build their CVs and personal statements in their own field of choice.

Fortress Gibraltar will offer the opportunity and insight to gather work experience in the following subjects:

It gives students a wide choice of progression options into further study, training or relevant employment in their chosen sector. The learner will understand the way in which any venture is a function of the relationship between its people, its marketing, its finance and its ability to deliver operationally upon its commitments. Enterprising traits and skills will be enhanced through this enrichment programme.