Applied Business



The AQA Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Business will give learners the opportunity to learn and understand a broad range of business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills associated with working within a business enterprise. The learner will understand the way in which any venture in business (big or small) is a function of the relationship between its people, its marketing, its finance and its ability to deliver operationally upon its commitments.

In the Certificate qualification, the learner will undertake a programme of assessment designed to assess not only their knowledge and understanding, but also the way in which this knowledge and understanding can shape their practical skill in beginning to think and realise their own plans about business. In this sense, the learner will be able to apply their learning immediately and relevantly.

The Extended Certificate qualification offers the learner the opportunity to build on the knowledge and understanding gained in the Certificate qualification and potentially builds on their business idea developed in the Certificate qualification. In having the Business proposal unit at the heart of the qualification, the learner can begin to realise a business idea more fully and in a practical way.

The overall Certificate and Extended Certificate qualifications are both graded: Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction*. All units need to be achieved with at least a pass in order to achieve the Certificate/Extended Certificate. This qualification qualifies for UCAS points: a pass is equivalent to an E at A level, a Merit is equivalent to a C and a Distinction would be an A grade at A level.

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Successful completion of this qualification will give students a wide choice of progression options into further study, training or relevant employment in the business sector.

Furthermore, students will be given the option to register for the PBL (Project Based Learning) programme. They will lead their own projects and apply enterprising traits and skills that will enrich their chosen A-level in Travel & Tourism. 

The enrichment programme, PBL, is designed to extend and develop students' abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career. They will take responsibility for the choice, design and decision making of an individual project.

Please refer to the PBL prospectus page.