Choosing your course


Plan to your strengths

You should choose subjects you think you will enjoy and do well at. If choosing A Levels, don’t be too worried about ‘odd-looking’ combinations of subjects if those are the subjects which will give the best grades.

Don’t just look at what to study You should also look closely at how you will study a subject, e.g. does it involve group work, or discussion and debate? Also, how it is assessed, e.g. will you have to write long essays, produce coursework or do a lot of calculations?

Do you know what you want to do next?

If so, there may be some subjects you have to do. You can check the entry requirements for degree courses using the search facility at Be careful, as if you find you are going to need to study a subject you don’t enjoy, you may need to reconsider your ambition.

Consider alternatives

The College has a very wide range of courses at all levels. Many Level 3 (A Level equivalent) Vocational courses provide an excellent route to university, as well as to employment, so you should look at all options and play to your strengths.